May 28, 2010

Jewelery Organization

Over the last few days I've reorganized (or should I say organized) my jewelery.  All of it was packed into a plastic container with drawers that I bought some time ago....
 But the problem was that all the necklaces were getting tangled, and all the vintage brooches and earrings I've bought recently really didn't fit in anymore.  I needed a solution.  And voila....
I bought this small wire dress form for a few bucks, thinking that I could just hang the necklaces around the neck, but I obviously underestimated the amount of jewelry I had.  Which necessitated an addition of 2 branches that I picked up on my nightly walk. I'm not entirely happy with it, but at least I can see all the necklaces and hanging earrings that I have.  Once I had finished, Hus came in and said "Cool, it looks like Wicker Man!"  Which I suppose was a complement.  Here is a gratuitous close-up shot (since I am still practicing on all the features of my new camera)...
So that freed up space to easily see all my other earrings...
And my much-loved vintage brooches...
And miscellaneous other jewelery....
The plastic container has gone back in my closet, but the wicker-man/wire-bust form will stay on the dresser for awhile.  I see more necklace-wearing in my immediate future!

Food Waste Friday

Well I did have waste, but was too lazy or embarrassed to shoot it.  Over the week I had to pitch out half a bagel, a few slices of bread, the last of the whipping cream (which finally became sour) and some rosemary.  And right now I'm remembering some bagged salad in the back of the fridge that has to go as well.  But, keeping my eye on what's in my fridge has lessened the waste.
For instance, there was one tomato that I bought several weeks ago but hadn't used yet. Last night I created a salsa with it to spoon over salmon.  And there was a second container of whipping cream that hadn't gone off.  I poured it over the dog's crunchies for dinner.
I am intentionally keeping the fridge rather spare so I can see everything in it very easily.  But it is at the point of being too spare, so I'll have to go grocery shopping this weekend.

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May 25, 2010

Reducing Myself...Tuesday

This title doesn't have quite the same ring as 'Reducing Myself Monday' but since Monday was a holiday here in Canada (Victoria Day), I took the day off.  Today I weigh 141.  That means 3 pounds gone in 3 weeks.  I was away at a conference and AGM last week and really watched what I ate.  Unfortunately, since there were also elections at this AGM, I wasn't so careful to avoid hospitality suites set up to bribe delegates to vote for certain candidates.  When I got home I saw on TV that one glass of wine has as many calories as a donut!  I guess I will also put avoiding alcohol as part of my weight-reduction list!

May 19, 2010

Belated Birthday Gift: Vintage Sarah

Last week I received a belated birthday gift in the mail from my non-blogging sister.  The gift was perfect for me; it was a vintage Sarah Coventry owl necklace!  I already wore it on the weekend and it garnered a few glances because it is so large.  I think they were good glances, but I don't really care because I love it.  Especially since it is articulated, so it is always moving.  Here is a picture of one just like it.
 Thanks sis!

May 17, 2010

Reducing Myself Monday

Today I weighed in at 142.  2 pounds down!  I did really well on not eating processed carbs, only breaking down last night when I attended a dessert concert.  At intermission Hus and I shared a tiny brownie and nanaimo bar.  I took the dog on an hour-long walk everyday but Saturday, and went to bed early.  Still need to work on not eating in front of the TV or computer.   Since I will be at a conference over the next few days, I have to keep my motivation up so as to not cave in when confronted with cookies and danishes . I'll  have to remind myself that I have been feeling really good by not being stuffed or bloated.

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May 16, 2010

The Drapers go to Hawaii

Last night we dressed up to go to a wedding reception - which was also a costume party!  I'm posting our outfits since they are so mid-century, and thrifted!  Here is Hus, I found the vintage Hawaiian shirt and the leis at the Salvation Army, which inspired our outfits.

As you can see he's hamming it up with a cigar he bought in Cuba two Christmases ago.  To make the get-up as authentic as possible, we plastered his hair with Brillcream.  He said he had to wash his hair about 5 times to get it out.  I can't imagine what men's hair was like in the 50s and 60s using that stuff day in and day out.

And here's me, all decked out for a luau.
 I found the vintage scarf and bag at another thrift store the same day, and I bought the dress new.  But it shares something in common with vintage - it was 'Made in Canada.'  Like Carpe Diem Vintage, I also went daring with red lipstick and nail polish.  I had the shoes and necklace already.  This outfit (with the exception of the scarf) is going to do double-duty as I am going to a conference at a Hot Springs Resort next week, and need something to wear to the banquet.  I'm even going to wear the red lipstick!

CD Vintage also wanted to see the vintage coat I scored at a clothing swap in March.  Here it is!  Last night was kind of chilly so I wore it to the party and got many complements, even though it is really wrinkly.  
It was a fun evening, and our costumes were actually quite original since everyone else's was on the rather dark and macabre side - even the Zombie bride and groom!  To give you an idea I am posting a picture of their wedding cake.  They made the cake topper themselves with Terminator bobble-heads.  You can see the bride one is wearing a tiny black veil.

May 14, 2010

Food Waste Friday - no picture!

Finally, a week without wasted food.  I did have a few close calls, however.  When I looked in the fridge this morning, I found some pineapple that we had cut up last weekend.  A few more days and it would have qualified for this post, so I ate it.  I have also been slicing a rather hard lime into my water, and the dog got his morning crunchies topped with whipped cream!  I still have a bunch of whipped cream to use, but the sell-by date is today, so it should be fine for another week at least.

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May 13, 2010

More 80s Bling

Remember all that 80s Jewelery I found at Liquidation World for 10 cents each?  No? Well click here!
Yes?  Then here is more.  I stopped by LW to pick up something I had seen in the bin, and they had dumped a whole bunch of new (old) stuff on top of the old! And I found several more pieces of Sarah Coventry, as well as some earrings, necklaces etc.  
This time I saw a  Woolco stickers on the back of several pieces, but Woolco closed out in the US in 1982, and Canada in 1994, so who knows where all of this was being stored!  
Speaking of Woolco, I can so clearly remember going there with my mom when I was a kid, and then with friends as a teenager.  The parts I remember most were the cafeteria decorated in red vinyl and wood paneling, and the candy and ice-cream counter.  I consumed a lot of pogo sticks, tiger-striped ice cream and ju-jubes there!  Enough of reminiscing...onto the photos...

Check out this cool pendant of a frog sitting on a mushroom! It is currently on a bracelet, but I might put it on a chain.
I guess I'll go back in a few weeks and see what is on top of the heap then!

May 10, 2010

Reducing Myself

As I have been decluttering and enjoying spareness in my living space, I am confronted with the 'extra junk' I'm carrying around on myself.  For the last few years I periodically think that I need to lose six to ten pounds, but haven't quite got up the gumption to do anything about it.  However, I have a whole bunch of dress pants in my closet that are too tight, and would like to comfortably fit back into them, rather than buying new ones [I am, after all, trying to live a greener lifestyle]. And when I was lighter, I generally felt better in my body.  

Today I weigh 144 pounds and wear size 10 pants, and a slightly smaller top.  I would like to lose enough to still fit into size 10, but occasionally get into a size 8; rather than where I am now which is teetering on a size 12.  The most I have ever weighed was probably around 157, and that was for most of my 20s.  The least I have ever weighed was 129, which was probably too thin for my frame (less than I was in high school).  I dropped from 157 to 129 in 2004 as a result of the South Beach Diet, and over the last six years have creeped up to where I am now.  So, ideally, I would like to be around the 135 lb mark.

How am I going to do it?  

1. First off, is this confession on my blog, which will hopefully keep me on track. I know that it is incredibly self-indulgent, but I will post my weight weekly (probably on Mondays).  I have to keep accountable to someone!

2. I will go back to eating the South Beach Diet way.  Generally, I think I have a good attitude towards food and eat healthily and well, but sugary, doughy stuff is my downfall.  Thinking I am on the South Beach Diet will hopefully curb my urge to reach for donuts and cookies etc.  (which I really don't purchase for myself, but am at enough meetings and social events that they invariably find their way into my mouth).  Eating this way also integrates a great variety of vegetables and other good unprocessed things. See the mouth-watering pictures at Kalyn's Kitchen.  Since I am a pescetarian, I don't eat meat on the South Beach Diet, so it conforms to Michael Pollan's saying "Eat food. Not too much, mostly plants."

3.  Which brings me to number three - an if/then statement.  If I am at a meeting with snacks, then I will go for tea or fruit.

4.  Portion control and mindful eating.  I have to stop eating in front of the computer and TV.  I find it really helps if I internally describe the food to myself as I am chewing it.  This also slows me down (but doesn't do much for mealtime conversations!)  At home I will use the smaller plates and really listen to my body before going back for seconds.

5.  I will modify Michael Pollen's rule to "leave something on your plate" by adding an addendum "at a restaurant."  I am trying to not waste food at home so I can't do this (also I'll be using the smaller plates.)  Since restaurant meals are huge, I'll get in the habit of leaving something on the plate (hopefully enough to take home for leftovers!)  His rationale? "Practice not cleaning your plate; it will help you eat less in the short term and develop self-control in the long."

6. Go to bed earlier.  There are links between weight gain and lack of sleep - something to do with hormones.  But this should also end late-night snacking.

7. Extend my walks.  I take the dog out for a walk at least once a day.  Lately, we've been doing an hour in the morning through a creekside trail, which includes a steep incline on our way home.  Since I am already in a good habit, I'll just walk a bit longer and burn more calories.  I have been an on-and-off runner for the past 12 years, but haven't been feeling motivated.  Maybe towards the end of the summer, I'll take it up again.  But for now - I will walk.

Hopefully I'll lose something by next Monday to keep me going!

May 07, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Since I didn't post about my food waste last was still in the refrigerator for this week's post!  I had one pesto-flavoured wrap left from the package which Hus bought (I don't care for that flavour) and a whole bunch of last year's frozen berries.  I made a berry sauce for some cheesecake we had on my birthday - but defrosted too many, and didn't use the rest.  Since it is now fully spring, I will throw them in the compost to get that going!

My freezer is still swimming with frozen berries, especially raspberries, and I have no idea about how to use them all.  I have been giving some to friends who make their own wine, and I need to make jam again.  I almost dread July when I will have to pick them next.  I usually pick for two hours each day for two weeks straight before I get tired of it.  Last year I think I picked 40 pounds of raspberries.  So far, I have been mentioning to all my girlfriends that they should come over and pick them this year.

The other thing I am at a loss as what to do with is whipping cream!  We finally had the retirement chocolate fondue for our retiring colleague, and bought way too much chocolate and whipping cream for the fondue.  I have a Uni friend coming to town tomorrow, and will have to make a rhubarb crisp to start using my ever expanding rhubarb patch and this whipping cream, but I'll still have lots of both left over.  I will strive to use it up, and not take a picture of it for next week's post!

May 04, 2010

Thrifted Pottery Mug

Although I've been avoiding garage sales, I did stop into the thrift shops last week - where most of the garage sale stuff undoubtedly ends up!  But, I only found one thing.... this mug that matches my English Pottery (Hornsea) canisters that I posted about here.