May 28, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Well I did have waste, but was too lazy or embarrassed to shoot it.  Over the week I had to pitch out half a bagel, a few slices of bread, the last of the whipping cream (which finally became sour) and some rosemary.  And right now I'm remembering some bagged salad in the back of the fridge that has to go as well.  But, keeping my eye on what's in my fridge has lessened the waste.
For instance, there was one tomato that I bought several weeks ago but hadn't used yet. Last night I created a salsa with it to spoon over salmon.  And there was a second container of whipping cream that hadn't gone off.  I poured it over the dog's crunchies for dinner.
I am intentionally keeping the fridge rather spare so I can see everything in it very easily.  But it is at the point of being too spare, so I'll have to go grocery shopping this weekend.

Why watch my waste?  Click here and here.

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