November 30, 2011

Leftover Salmon

I notice that preparing for Christmas is on everyone's blogging radar.  Christmas is milestone day for another reason: frozen salmon should be used by then!  So I baked a salmon on the weekend and today we had to use the leftovers.  While I prepared individual shrimp and salmon pot pies....
...Hus mixed together and fried Salmon patties!
I just layered flaked salmon and shrimp with leftover potatoes in the ramekin dishes, added some frozen peas, capers and sautéed carrots and onion, smothered it all with a roux and topped it off with frozen prepared puff pastry.  The salmon patties are destined for the freezer; they heat up nicely in the sandwich press for a quick lunch or dinner.

November 27, 2011


My last thrift shop purchase was this mug.

My eyes were attracted by the bold 80s graphics, and as my hand cupped it, my brain wondered "is this Waechtersbach?"  It was!  And made in "W. Germany."  25 cents.  I have never seen this pattern before.  But I am really digging the primary colours and whimsical design!

Speaking of whimsical, I bought this circa-1977 mug some time ago.
I hadn't seen these "Love is..." comics for quite a while, and the condition was too good to pass up.  Here is a little history of the comic strip.

I'm linking up to Her Library Adventures' Flea Market Finds.  Check it out to see purchases from thrift shops and flea markets around the world.

November 25, 2011

Friday's Freebie: Mid-Century Coffee Table

Somehow I neglected to post about this awesome 'freebie' that Hus and I received from his sister in the summer.  It is a teak and tile coffee table Hus's stepfather bought in the 1970s from a Danish interior store.  Hus's sister had it for a few years, and with two rambunctious boys, it is a little worse for wear from dribbled chocolate milk and the like.  She decided to give it up to us before it got any more damaged.
Now we have to do some research about how to refinish or refresh the teak.  

November 23, 2011

Sore Legs and Arms

So...I did it.  I ran the New Balance Fall Classic half marathon in Vancouver on Sunday.  21.1 km!  It was a great experience and I had a pretty good time of 2:18:45!  Yay for me!  When I flew home, Hus had a bouquet of Lilies for me.  Is it just me, or do some Lilies smell like hot dogs?

So I have been hobbling around for a few days, and my legs only felt like 'normal' today.  But, I had an opportunity to match my sore legs with sore arms!  It has been snowing all day and I've already shovelled the driveway twice!  I guess its good that I did my half marathon already since the winter is going to put a hitch in my running schedule.

November 13, 2011

Sparkles and Silver

Here are my thrift finds from last week.  One of the local thrift shops keeps all of its Christmas donations under wraps until after Halloween.  The shop was packed with Christmas stuff, but I only picked out these vintage ornaments; like the ones we had at home!
Sparkly!   The best part is on the other side....
Silver bells!  We'd better get a massive Christmas tree to accommodate all the vintage ornaments I bought this year.  I don't think the ones in the background are vintage, but they'll still go on the tree.
I also happened upon the bag sale at the Salvation Army.  Fill a bag for 6 dollars.  I didn't fill the whole bag; the only thing that I really wanted was this tarnished silver...

It was priced at 1 dollar per piece.  So luckily I could take advantage of the bag sale.  It cleaned up nicely!
In doing some research online I've discovered that this is Oneida Community Plate silverware circa 1940.  The pattern is Milady, and sells for between 4 and 8 dollars per piece on the internet.  I regularly use my silver, so this is destined for my kitchen cutlery drawer.
Since it was a bag sale, and this silver took up relatively little room, I also threw in a bunch of cards and wrapping paper....
I probably don't really need any more giftware, but I couldn't resist.  Especially since they were practically free.

This week I'll be linking my finds to other thrifty folks at Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds.