February 22, 2014

February Happenings

Hello all,

I hope your February is going well; I can't believe it is almost over!  I have been so busy with my schooling, that I've neglected my poor blog (and a bunch of other things).

We did manage to do Valentine's Day, though!  The night before we went to a wine tasting featuring Australian wines.

Here is how the station was set up before the tasting began:
There were three whites and five reds.  Most were from a winery called Yalumba.  We found a few new favourites including the Shiraz Viognier and the 'cigar' Cabernet Sauvignon from that winery.  No one was sitting at the station next to me, so I sampled those wines twice!

Then on V-day I cooked butternut squash ravioli I bought from the local Italian centre and we drank more Shiraz Viognier.  And we ate at our new dining room table! (post to come).

Then the next day we went out with friends for Ethiopian food and to a swanky bar.  It was a fun weekend.