August 09, 2013

Kitchen Discoveries and Other Happenings

We are still unpacking boxes and putting things away.  Our new house was immaculately clean when we moved in, and we thought that nothing had been left behind.  Except for a few neat "discoveries" in the kitchen. One is this GE electric slicing knife mounted on the end of a cabinet. 
I'm guessing that the previous owner painted around it, so there it will stay.  I don't eat meat, so I'm not sure what I will use it for.

The next discovery was in the cabinet next to the oven.  The original 1959 cabinets here are pretty cool.  The fronts are not straight, but sit on a slant, so they sort of flop open. This corner cabinet is also pyramid shaped, which makes for pretty unusual interior shelving.

But I was quite surprised to see food still in it....Vintage food!
The top can seems newer, but I would guestimate the bottom one from the early 1980s!  I couldn't take the cans out, though.  They were holding up the shelf!  

As for other happenings, we did get a nice break from unpacking.  Our only friend here secured us tickets for the Edmonton Folk Festival on Thursday!  So nice for him to think of us.  The energy from the crowd was amazing...
And the city views were fantastic....
And the music, including Feist who headlined, was great...
It was an excellent introduction to Edmonton's cultural scene, and we are looking forward to more!

August 07, 2013

The Big Move and First Impressions

We've done it.  Packed up our household, drove for two days, and ended up in our new digs in Edmonton.  Yes, break out the cowboy hats...we are Albertans.  (Actually, I haven't seen one cowboy hat in the week we've been here...maybe that's a Calgary thing).

Can't say too much about Alberta yet, as we've only just arrived.  But the first paper we recieved had this cartoon in it. (click for bigger image).  I think they like the stereotype about themselves.

Funnily enough, on our first weekday here, Hus got two jobs! 

The move was exhausting, and we've been busy setting up house and taking multiple shopping trips to get garbage cans, and shelf liner, and picture hooks etc.  I hate to buy all of that stuff, but we thought we'd better get it over with so we can get on with enjoying our new house and new surroundings.

As for first impressions...I love our new neighbourhood.  It is very established, with many senior citizens living here, and it is so quiet.  It is a typical suburb with most of the houses build in the late 50s.  I keep wanting to take pictures of all the cool period houses and yards, but that might be weird and unwelcome.  Our house was built in 1959 and we are the second owners!  As we do a few projects around the house, I'll be blogging about it.

There is a huge park and lit cross country ski trails literally three houses down from us, and Saskatoon berries are abundant.  I'll be picking some tomorrow.  In North West BC, their time has come and gone.  I was so sad to let them go to waste there, but I'll still be able to freeze some here!

Rufus is settling in fine.  Here is a picture of him in the backyard on our first night.  If you look closely beside the door, you can see where he "christened" the garage.

On our dog walk tonight a hare crossed our path.  He has never seen one before and was straining on the leash like a crazy dog trying to get at it.

As for myself, I've been settling in in one particular spot to read, and plan and write multiple shopping lists.
This is a little corner in our living room.  On the other side is a built-in closet.  I have no idea what kind of wood this is, but I love its rich colour.  My knock-off Eames Chair fits in well.  It was a gift from Hus when I finished my last degree.  The lamp is from my parents.  They've had it since before I was born, and the poster came from our trip to London two years ago.  There is hardwood underneath the carpet, but we've decided to keep the carpet in place at least until winter has come and gone.