August 09, 2013

Kitchen Discoveries and Other Happenings

We are still unpacking boxes and putting things away.  Our new house was immaculately clean when we moved in, and we thought that nothing had been left behind.  Except for a few neat "discoveries" in the kitchen. One is this GE electric slicing knife mounted on the end of a cabinet. 
I'm guessing that the previous owner painted around it, so there it will stay.  I don't eat meat, so I'm not sure what I will use it for.

The next discovery was in the cabinet next to the oven.  The original 1959 cabinets here are pretty cool.  The fronts are not straight, but sit on a slant, so they sort of flop open. This corner cabinet is also pyramid shaped, which makes for pretty unusual interior shelving.

But I was quite surprised to see food still in it....Vintage food!
The top can seems newer, but I would guestimate the bottom one from the early 1980s!  I couldn't take the cans out, though.  They were holding up the shelf!  

As for other happenings, we did get a nice break from unpacking.  Our only friend here secured us tickets for the Edmonton Folk Festival on Thursday!  So nice for him to think of us.  The energy from the crowd was amazing...
And the city views were fantastic....
And the music, including Feist who headlined, was great...
It was an excellent introduction to Edmonton's cultural scene, and we are looking forward to more!

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Rob and Monica said...

Those cabinets are really great, crooked or not! How funny to find those old cans in there!!! (Rob)