September 30, 2011

Friday's Freebies: Assorted Box of Christmas Stuff

Last weekend, I ended up at a garage sale of a senior couple who were downsizing.  As I was looking over a table of their Christmas wares, they mentioned that the box underneath the table was free.
I saw several rolls of wrapping paper on top and spied a few Christmas cards under the garland, so I took the whole box.  I ended up with a lifetime of spare envelopes, assorted cards, and various paper ephemera. 

Cute Vintage Christmas Cards

bows, Christmas Card holder, jar toppers
This is just a sample of the Christmas cards in the box.  There were many more vintage cards, as well as a selection of newer cards.  The best thing the box contained, however, were these...
1970s stickers
These stickers brought back so many memories, as we also had them in our Christmas wrapping box when I was a little girl!  Every year I would come across them while wrapping modest gifts for my family.  

There were also tons of 70s birthday cards and cards for other occasions...
...and 12 cent stamps to send them!

And pastel-coloured 1980s cards....
For the most part, all of the cards were blank, but there were a few personalized cards. We live in a small town, so it didn't take long to identify the senior couple as the parents of one of Hus's co-workers.  So, next week Hus will return a 1977 graduation card, and a 1994 Christmas letter.
I will need to do a better sort through the box, and recycle some of the cards and envelopes (old envelopes have a habit of sealing shut as a result of moisture), but will try to use whats left.

September 25, 2011

Pre-Christmas Garage Sale Finds

I thought I'd better visit a few garage sales this weekend, before they were gone for the season.  Besides a few other things, there was a Christmas theme to my purchases.
Three Avon Spun Glass Ornaments....$1
two Christmas tins...10 cents each
Tennis balls....50 cents

I was inspired to buy the tennis balls by a tip my sister gave me last week.  Instead of taking down-filled duvets to the dry-cleaner, wash them in the washing machine, and add the tennis balls to fluff the duvets while in the dryer.  

I also found the same 1980s immersion blender that I had until last year!
 I paid $5 for it, but know from experience it is worth it.  We bought the same one for my mom in the early 80s, and I took it with me when I moved out.  So I know that it can last for 30 years.  Plus, it wasn't even the motor that burned out; the wand fell apart.  I think its longevity came from the fact that it was made in France, prior to planned obsolescence being common. 
Totally unused!  Now I can blend soups in the pot again!  I love how it is called the 'Robot Marie' I suppose this was a high tech name for the time.  Moulinex still sells it under that name.  The next time I am in a department store, I am going to check if it is still made in France.  

I also couldn't resist these decals for 5 cents.
They are reproductions.  I have no idea what to do with them, yet, but something may come to mind soon.

I also took home a huge free box of Christmas stuff.  Check back later this week to see what was in it.

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September 15, 2011

Friday's Freebies: Artwork

This week we were given a piece of artwork by a friend.
This picture doesn't do it justice, but the canvas is about 4 feet x 4 feet, with a really thick (6 inch) frame.
He just closed up one of his restaurants, and this was a piece of artwork his wife did for the decor.  He still owns another restaurant, so what didn't get moved, was sold or given away (like this piece!)  I am happy that our friend no longer has the stress of looking after two restaurants.  He has a young family and will now have more time with them.
As for the painting, it will go in our entrance-way which has a high ceiling.

September 04, 2011

Last of the Summer Finds

Last weekend I visited my parents and sister for a last getaway before I have to start teaching.  I was hankering to get some new clothing to start the semester off right.  Luckily, I found a few things at Value Village in my hometown.  The best find were these brand new Clarks Unstructured flat dress shoes.  I was looking at a similar pair this summer for around $150.  These were 19.99, but well worth it.
Mom and I went back to V V a few days later and caught the 50% off sale.  Besides two pairs of pants I also bought two sweaters for $5 each.  A long-sleeved, plum-coloured Merino wool sweater by Calvin Klein, and a preppy-looking, short-sleeved Zara cotton sweater.
I struck out in finding any European, mid-century housewares, but Mom came to the rescue!  When I was admiring these Swedish candle holders at her house, she gave them to me!  Thanks Mom!
I know she probably thrifted them in the first place.  Now I have to find some of those smaller candles to stick in them.

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Harvest Horrors....

Yesterday I unearthed....