September 25, 2011

Pre-Christmas Garage Sale Finds

I thought I'd better visit a few garage sales this weekend, before they were gone for the season.  Besides a few other things, there was a Christmas theme to my purchases.
Three Avon Spun Glass Ornaments....$1
two Christmas tins...10 cents each
Tennis balls....50 cents

I was inspired to buy the tennis balls by a tip my sister gave me last week.  Instead of taking down-filled duvets to the dry-cleaner, wash them in the washing machine, and add the tennis balls to fluff the duvets while in the dryer.  

I also found the same 1980s immersion blender that I had until last year!
 I paid $5 for it, but know from experience it is worth it.  We bought the same one for my mom in the early 80s, and I took it with me when I moved out.  So I know that it can last for 30 years.  Plus, it wasn't even the motor that burned out; the wand fell apart.  I think its longevity came from the fact that it was made in France, prior to planned obsolescence being common. 
Totally unused!  Now I can blend soups in the pot again!  I love how it is called the 'Robot Marie' I suppose this was a high tech name for the time.  Moulinex still sells it under that name.  The next time I am in a department store, I am going to check if it is still made in France.  

I also couldn't resist these decals for 5 cents.
They are reproductions.  I have no idea what to do with them, yet, but something may come to mind soon.

I also took home a huge free box of Christmas stuff.  Check back later this week to see what was in it.

I am linking to a bunch of other thrifty people at Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds.


Vintage Sweetheart said...

Those duckies are so cute!

acorn hollow said...

Nice finds you are already for christmas and soup season.

Tammy at Tammy Loves Dishes said...

Super buy on that blending wand. I'm always on the look out for one of these. Since I've never seen one, I'm glad to know that they are out there somewhere in thriftville.