March 16, 2011

Thrifty European Finds

My last visit to Value Village yielded these finds....

Some Danish (?) salt and pepper shakers.  They are labelled A&B on the bottom, but I couldn't find out anything about the maker in my cursory internet research. Anyone knows? Dana?  Regardless, I like them.

And a German Christmas bell from 1973 (my first Christmas!).  I love the colours and graphic of the angels.

March 12, 2011

80s Fashion Trends via Vintage Paper Dolls

My set of 1980s paper dolls are more complete and pristine, likely because I was older and probably the only one who played with them by that time (I am the youngest).  So, in looking over them, I noticed some definite trends.  Some that could come back and some that shouldn't!

Trend #1
Flowery, Ruffled Peasant Dresses...
Was this influence from LIttle House on the Prairie?  Or something else? Not a style I would care to see back.

Trend #2
Bat Wings....
I remember having one bat-winged shirt in elementary school that rocked.  Unfortunately, I don't think I was ever photographed in it, but it was white with a picture of rainbow ending in hearts on it.  

Trend #3
New Wave Country...

Was it our love of Dallas?  There definitely was a love of country in the 80s.  I remember also having a Western Barbie doll decked out in cowboy hat and boots, in those years.  I'm NOT in favour of these fashions coming back. 

Trend #4
This style was very popular in the 'greed is good', Alex P. Keaton, upwardly mobile, 1980s. Particularly among college students and the 'stuck-up' characters in John Hughes films.  Yes, please come back!  Not that I would associate myself with any of the forgoing, but since I prepare every year for 'going back to school,' I naturally gravitate towards such fashions.  I also have noticed that wingtips, like Freckles in the middle is wearing, are coming back.  I've been keeping my eye out for some!

Trend #5
Who Wears short Shorts?
We wear short shorts!  Nobody should show that much leg.  Barbie's one piece looks baggy like a diaper! No wonder Nair had to coin the jingle!  

March 09, 2011

Absurdity in the Grocery Aisle

This is one of the most ridiculous new 'products' I have seen lately.  
Yes, these actually are packaged bananas.  Read the story here on the Globe & Mail.  I remember reading once in Marion Nestle's Food Politics, that something like 13,000 new food products hit the shelves of grocery stores every year hoping that they will be popular and profitable for their makers.  (I'm paraphrasing from my memory here).  Of course, none of these are natural food products, rather they are highly processed, sugary 'fake' foods, and new 'flavours' of established candy bars or sodas.  I guess when they run out of ideas for fake food, they'll 'repackage' natural foods!  What a useless and wasteful product when bananas come with their own wrappers!

March 05, 2011

70s Fashion Parade, part 2

Besides my Barbie paper dolls which I featured in part 1 (below), we also had a Dusty paper doll.
I've only discovered just now that Dusty was produced by Kenner Toys in the mid-70s as competition to Barbie.  She was taller than Barbie and more athletic; she was known as a tennis champion, but also swam and golfed.  A daisy was her signature fashion accessory.  She had sun-bleached platinum blond hair. Since I grew up in the north where this never happened to people's hair, I remember thinking it was weird that this young-looking girl's hair was grey!
Unfortunately, I have few clothes left for her.  So here she is wearing one of her remaining outfits, flanked by the others.
Despite being a tomboy, she sure could get gussied up!

March 01, 2011

70s Fashion Parade, part 1

After being packed away for at least 15 years, I had a hankering to have a look at my old paper dolls!  I can't say that I forgot which ones I had, but I did forget how crazy some of the fashions from the mid-1970s were.  So, here is a little fashion show I've set up for you.  Coming down the runway is flat-footed and pointy-footed Ballerina Barbie....
 ...wearing matching bell shaped dresses with giant pockets!  Oh no!  FF Barbie is wearing her bra on the outside of the dress!

Next up is Ken and Superstar Barbie...
Ken is sporting a conservative look with 100% polyester slacks and patterned shirt, and Barbie is all party! Kid's Party with that clown outfit!

Ken, Barbie and Barbie are back, tearing up the runway in sportswear....
Looks like Ballerina Barbie is going to have to find that kid's party, too.

And for the grand finale, the Barbies are back in evening wear...
..that defies explanation.  I can't image what occasion the red cape would be appropriate for.  Chinese New Years at Club 54?