July 31, 2011

I'm back...with vintage bowls to share

I can't believe its been three months since I've posted last!  I didn't mean to totally abandon my blog, but I also wasn't reading anyone else's during that time.  May and June were incredibly busy with many meetings and trips to Vancouver and back, and in July we took holidays to England!

But I was still able to keep thrifting and rummaging.  So over the next few days I'll post what the thrift stores yielded over the last three months, and I'll post a little about our vacation, and a few other things.

So now onto the 'bowls' referred to in this post's title.

Back in May, I was thinking that I should probably search ebay for the matching bowls for my large 'Forest Fancies' pyrex bowl.  A few days later, I walked into the thrift shop and found a set of the three smaller bowls for $10.  This was a better price than I could have found elsewhere, including Value Village, and the bowls were mint!

Now I'm so happy that I have a complete set and these have become my 'go to' mixing and serving bowls.
Isn't it funny how the thrifting gods can summon up just what a person was looking for?  

And sometimes you think that you will never be lucky enough to come across something you've only seen in pictures.  That was the case last Saturday when I was in my hometown and at Value Village with my mom.  Something caught my eye in the housewares and I had to do a double take, since I really didn't believe it.  I flipped over the bowls and yes indeed, they had the 'Arabia of Finland' stickers on the bottom.
I've become very familiar with these enamel bowls designed by Kaj Franck in researching mid-century Scandinavian housewares on the internet.  So, I know that they can net over $80 for a bowl.  I scored the large one for $5.99 and the smaller one for $4.99.  And they are in pretty good condition, only a few minor chips on the rim.  I wasn't sure where I was going to put them but I wasn't about to leave them in the store, so as you can see, they sit on my island holding fruit and veggies.