October 24, 2010

Unappealing Restaurant Meal....

I hope its grain-fed!  I don't think I'll be dining at this restaurant anymore lest I appear on the menu!

This is one of the photos I snapped in the last few weeks.  I have had two trips away and have had something to do literally every night of the week. Now things should be slowing down and I'll resume posting more-or-less regularly on this blog.

October 02, 2010

Freebie Fungi

This week Hus went mushroom picking with a dear, and knowledgeable friend.  It was Hus's first time and he was happy to come home with two wonderful specimens of the elusive Pine Mushroom....
 We made an omelet (well, I called it a 'deconstructed omelet' since it broke apart!) with them and leftover farmer's market potatoes, spinach, and chives from our backyard.  It was gourmet and Hus was so proud to have 'hunted' for our dinner.  Later, we discovered that we have pine mushrooms actually growing in our yard!  There is a good one coming up, so we'd better pick it before it goes off.

Rouge Rummaging

I have been negligent in welcoming followers; and today when I logged in and saw another I was so grateful because I've been a bit negligent on this blog as well. So welcome haltermansj, Heidi, Carolyn, Antique Odyssey, Joie, and now Sveltstuff! 
Today I popped into the thrift shop and found nothing; but then remembered that I had taken a photo of the loot I bought last weekend.  There is nothing too exciting, but I did find two things I've been looking for....and they both turned out to be red....
 All summer I looked for some red slip-on sandals, and now that the weather has turned I finally found some.  I would have preferred the wedge to be a bit higher, but these are leather, hardly-worn and were only $3.  
And, some of the shelves and drawers in my new kitchen still need lining. My mom suggested that placemats worked well, so I've been on the lookout for those too.  I looked around at Liquidation World and the dollar store, but everything they had was either geared for kids, or were too expensive.  I'm not going to pay a dollar a piece for a slip of plastic!  I finally found six at the Sally Ann for $1.25.
After enjoying the summer, we are back at the finishing details of our kitchen renovation.  When they are completed I will show before-and-after pictures (you probably get an idea about the 'after' from this picture and others I've posted).