October 02, 2010

Rouge Rummaging

I have been negligent in welcoming followers; and today when I logged in and saw another I was so grateful because I've been a bit negligent on this blog as well. So welcome haltermansj, Heidi, Carolyn, Antique Odyssey, Joie, and now Sveltstuff! 
Today I popped into the thrift shop and found nothing; but then remembered that I had taken a photo of the loot I bought last weekend.  There is nothing too exciting, but I did find two things I've been looking for....and they both turned out to be red....
 All summer I looked for some red slip-on sandals, and now that the weather has turned I finally found some.  I would have preferred the wedge to be a bit higher, but these are leather, hardly-worn and were only $3.  
And, some of the shelves and drawers in my new kitchen still need lining. My mom suggested that placemats worked well, so I've been on the lookout for those too.  I looked around at Liquidation World and the dollar store, but everything they had was either geared for kids, or were too expensive.  I'm not going to pay a dollar a piece for a slip of plastic!  I finally found six at the Sally Ann for $1.25.
After enjoying the summer, we are back at the finishing details of our kitchen renovation.  When they are completed I will show before-and-after pictures (you probably get an idea about the 'after' from this picture and others I've posted).

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acorn hollow said...

It is always so exciting to have new followers. Great find on the red shoes. I love red shoes and wear them often so I can click them together at work and say there is no place like home.