July 31, 2010

Golden Garage Sale

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off and had obligations to no one except myself.  What do I like to do with myself?  Rummage, of course.  After viewing the ads, I decided to hit just three garage sales.  Number one was a bust.  Number two was golden.
The vendors had labeled and cleaned everything immaculately, and it was all neatly organized and categorized on tables.  I felt like congratulating them, however, I could see that they were a fastidious couple in everything judging by the conditions of their wares.  I was particularly taken in by their housewares and came away with a set of six golden glasses....
look at how they had pre-packed them!  We desperately needed new glasses.  I bought a set of 8 at Canadian Tire about three years ago and we have none of them left - they all shattered after very little use.  On the other hand, we still are using a few of the glasses Hus's parents got for a wedding gift in the late 1960s, so I knew that I wanted older glasses.  These are probably from the late 1970s/early 1980s, all for $2.00.

And I also purchased this large pyrex bowl for $3.00  It must be of the same vintage and has virtually no wear and no scratches....
And finally, I couldn't help myself from buying a set of six side plates....
Also from the era when gold was a popular colour!  And these are the plates of my childhood.  Our family had this set and had many a good meal on them.  I guess having them feeds part of my nostalgia for my happy childhood. $1.50.

Garage Sale number three was OK, I came away with this vintage table cloth for $1.00.
Look at those happy Bavarian Folks! Or should I say Volk!
And I bought a basic cardigan for .50 cents.  Agghh, this means I'm anticipating going back to school where I often wear cardis.

Freebee Fry Pan

Can you believe I got this never-used, made-in-the-USA, cast iron frying pan for free?  It is a Wagners 1891 original, i.e. the same pan they produced in 1891 - so you know it is heavy-duty.  A co-worker is decluttering and offered it to me.  She had seasoned it, but had never used it, thus she kept the instructions.  I've already used it several times making enchilada filling and pan-fried oysters.  I feel fortunate that she's decided to pass on such quality items to her co-workers!

July 25, 2010

Betty Draper Vino?

This is my second Mad Men-themed post of the day!  This afternoon we stopped by the Liquor store to get some wine for guests tonight (not Mad Men watchers so we'll have to watch it after they go home!), and I spied this bottle of Merlot...
Unfortunately, even though I think I am too savvy to get sucked in by marketing, I had to buy it.  I did so knowing full well that the Vintners were counting on the success of the show to sell it.  On the back of the bottle it gives some 'user instructions.'
 In case you can't read it it says...."Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room.  Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys.  This is your time.  Time to enjoy a moment to yourself  A moment without the madness.  The dishes can wait.  Dinner be damned.  Mad Housewife Merlot."  So they are advocating that women drink wine in their dank basements during the day all alone.  I'm not so sure about that message!
I also noticed that there is no actual description of the wine.  So, even though its daytime and I'm all alone writing in the basement, I thought I had better crank it open to give you, dear readers, a review of the wine.  It is rather thin and very oak-y.  But at least it has a cool label!

Mad Men Myself

I've been meaning to do this for months, but in anticipation of tonight's premiere of Season Four, I finally Man Menned Myself....see....
Well, my bust really isn't that large, but there is only so much you can choose from.  But notice the vintage pin I'm wearing (ha ha)!  Happy viewing tonight!

July 24, 2010

Red Beaded Vintage Bling

I've also been on the lookout for a red bracelet.  Why?  I've never had one, and have several outfits that cry out for one as an accessory.  I've searched for new ones, but they are always too big, too expensive, or just not right.  Luckily, I stopped into Magpie Vintage in Portland and immediately found this red beaded beauty...
 It makes me think of berries.  The shop was within five minutes of closing-time so this was the only thing I purchased there.

July 23, 2010

Portland Previously-Used Purchases

So of course I did some thrifting and consignment shopping in Oregon -- but not as much as I wanted to!
Having read One Gal's Trash, I knew that the Oregon Coast was a thrifter's delight.  But, we drove most of the northern Coast on a Sunday when the stores were closed, and on the other days, I only spied the thrift stores after we had passed them by in our rental car.  Hus was very generous and kept asking if I wanted him to turn around, but since we had precious little space in our suitcases, I said no (lucky for him too, since he brought home a rather bulky Harley Davidson leather jacket). We did, however, stop into the Rag and Bone thrift store in Seaside where I spied a great red plant-pot with Waechtersbach-like hearts on it. (click the link to see what I mean - now I seriously want that mug!)  But it was too bulky to take home;-( 
So I confined most of my perusing of previously-used goods to Portland at the end of our trip.  I found a high-end Goodwill store downtown where I purchased two wool sweaters.  Okay normally the adjective 'high-end' and noun 'Goodwill' don't go together, but it seems as if all the good stuff got sent here.  They even had shoes priced at $150.00!  When I had a closer look I saw they were Dolce & Gabbana.  So even though I spent more than I normally would at a thrift store, I didn't pay quite that much.  
One of the sweaters was a red wool and cashmere cardigan that I paid $20 for.  After looking for months I finally found one that I liked!

If you recall I was looking for one since January to disguise my kooky lobster pin

And I also found a beautiful 100% cashmere Italian sweater.  I wasn't particularly looking for this, but the detailing around the sleeves and seams was so delicate and it fit very well.
take a look....
I paid $30 for this one, but after looking at the generic synthetic sweaters and tops at the outlet malls in Seaside and Lincoln City, its quality was so refreshing that I couldn't pass it up.

Finally, I think this next piece was THE find of the trip.  I found it in the Buffalo Exchange in the Pearl District (which I've just found out now is a franchise - I'll have to visit it the next time I go to other American cities).  I've already worn this skirt 3 times and have had many, many compliments on it because it is so unusual.
It is a full 1950s-style circle skirt, which was 'made in Canada'! Check out that perfect circle.
It gives me that swishy feeling that I like and I love the picture on it as well!  $14.50!
So I'd say I had a really successful shop and would love to return. Portland is only a 6-hour $50 train ride away from Vancouver --- any takers, Sisters?

July 20, 2010

Raspberry Overload

Being away for a few weeks also meant that I came home to masses of ripe berries.  In summers past, I spent about 2 hours a day for two weeks straight picking raspberries.  See the huge patch behind my fence....
That's not even all of it!  Actually, the berries aren't even in my yard - they grow in a park that is accessible to everyone.  But I am the only one who picks.  It kills me that at this time of year people will buy a pint of raspberries for $5.99 at the supermarket, when they are free for the taking all around town.  I've actually considered standing around that part of the produce section and inviting people to my house!  And the other thing that kills me, is that I still have bags of frozen berries from last year!  There are only so many berries that a couple (who tries to avoid desserts) can eat.  So, I've been inviting friends to come and pick. I've only had two takers.  Both times I happily chatted and picked alongside them, and then insisted they take my bucket of berries back home with them!
 There is nothing as yummy as a sun-warmed raspberry
plucked right off the branch

I did pick enough berries to make a batch of jam though....
 Check out the cool 70s labels I found at Value Village. 

I think I'll invite our wine-making friends over next, they'll need lots of fruit and maybe I'll get a bottle in return.

Back from Vacation

Sorry dear readers, I was away for a while on vacation and even though I got back over a week ago, I've been procrastinating about posting.  How come the longer you put blogging off, the harder it is to get back to it?

Hus and I drove the Oregon Coast and then spent almost a week in Portland - including the July 4th weekend.  The Coast was magnificent especially since we had great weather!  We spent a lot of time strolling on beaches, popping our heads into unique shops, eating lots of seafood, and touring historical sites and lighthouses.  Just what a great vacation should be!  We especially enjoyed Astoria and Newport.
Some photos....
 This is in McMinnville 
(strangers who didn't realize I was taking a picture of them)
Hus at Cook's Chasm
Sunset at Newport

And just as I had suspected from reading blogs penned by Oregonians, the thrifting, vintage, and consignment shopping was fabulous!  Unfortunately, since we flew in and out of Portland I had to keep it at a minimum, so I only really bought clothing and jewelry (what a surprise!).  I will post about that at a later date.