July 23, 2010

Portland Previously-Used Purchases

So of course I did some thrifting and consignment shopping in Oregon -- but not as much as I wanted to!
Having read One Gal's Trash, I knew that the Oregon Coast was a thrifter's delight.  But, we drove most of the northern Coast on a Sunday when the stores were closed, and on the other days, I only spied the thrift stores after we had passed them by in our rental car.  Hus was very generous and kept asking if I wanted him to turn around, but since we had precious little space in our suitcases, I said no (lucky for him too, since he brought home a rather bulky Harley Davidson leather jacket). We did, however, stop into the Rag and Bone thrift store in Seaside where I spied a great red plant-pot with Waechtersbach-like hearts on it. (click the link to see what I mean - now I seriously want that mug!)  But it was too bulky to take home;-( 
So I confined most of my perusing of previously-used goods to Portland at the end of our trip.  I found a high-end Goodwill store downtown where I purchased two wool sweaters.  Okay normally the adjective 'high-end' and noun 'Goodwill' don't go together, but it seems as if all the good stuff got sent here.  They even had shoes priced at $150.00!  When I had a closer look I saw they were Dolce & Gabbana.  So even though I spent more than I normally would at a thrift store, I didn't pay quite that much.  
One of the sweaters was a red wool and cashmere cardigan that I paid $20 for.  After looking for months I finally found one that I liked!

If you recall I was looking for one since January to disguise my kooky lobster pin

And I also found a beautiful 100% cashmere Italian sweater.  I wasn't particularly looking for this, but the detailing around the sleeves and seams was so delicate and it fit very well.
take a look....
I paid $30 for this one, but after looking at the generic synthetic sweaters and tops at the outlet malls in Seaside and Lincoln City, its quality was so refreshing that I couldn't pass it up.

Finally, I think this next piece was THE find of the trip.  I found it in the Buffalo Exchange in the Pearl District (which I've just found out now is a franchise - I'll have to visit it the next time I go to other American cities).  I've already worn this skirt 3 times and have had many, many compliments on it because it is so unusual.
It is a full 1950s-style circle skirt, which was 'made in Canada'! Check out that perfect circle.
It gives me that swishy feeling that I like and I love the picture on it as well!  $14.50!
So I'd say I had a really successful shop and would love to return. Portland is only a 6-hour $50 train ride away from Vancouver --- any takers, Sisters?

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