January 28, 2010

Kooky Vintage Brooches

As I get older, I'm finding that I want to buy basic long-lasting clothing, but dress them up with unique accessories.  For the last few years I have hardly gone a day without wearing a necklace; but lately my accessory of choice has been a brooch.  As long as they are relatively small, the kookier the better.

I have several vintage pieces already, but over the last two weekends I found 6 more.  In order of not-so-kooky to maybe-this-is-too-kooky-to-wear kooky:

#6. Just Nice, Not so Kooky

I have no idea what era this brooch is, or the make, but I wear a lot of green and I liked the leaf motive.  I have already worn it twice, and no one has looked at it incredulously, so it ranks very low on the kooky meter.

 #5. Mildly Kooky

 Very mild.  This pin is very small, but it is of a fish.  I have a great coral-coloured cardigan to wear it with, and I liked the shape of it.  I think this is the newest of all the brooches; I would suspect from the 1990s judging from the lack of wear it has.

#4. I'm a teacher, what can I say?

The fact that I bought a brooch to match my profession is kind of kooky.  This apple is quite bulbous, and was made by Napier, probably in the 1970s?

#3.  Camp Geek-Chic

The fact that this is leather craft of the BC dogwood  flower is reminiscent of something teenagers would have worn at Camp somewhere in the Southern Interior in the early 1980s. It has 'Canada' stamped on the back. 

 #2.  Maybe I should wear a monocle with this one? 

It is just that kooky!  I've discovered that little kids love it, especially since the pupil shakes around in the eye.  I already have one Sarah Coventry Owl pin, but it is a stick pin and quite small, so I felt perfectly justified in purchasing this one; and besides, Owls are in!


#1.  I've gone off the 'deep-end' Kooky

It's really ugly.  But in a good way, right?  It has no markings, but the dealer said it is from the 1940s.  From the level of wear and its construction, I think it is too.  The kicker is..... the claws are attached by tiny springs.  So as you walk around the claws are constantly moving.  I can't wait until I work up enough courage to wear it!  I need to find a cute red cardigan to showcase it (and for it to blend in a bit).

Which is your favourite?


Leah@storybookranch said...

I love the apple!

grunge-queen said...

Hee hee my Mom was a teacher and she got all sorts of pins - mostly cats!

I love the first one. Art Deco? 1940s?