January 30, 2010

Weekend Wanderings

I'm starting to write this post with no particular focus, just wandering though my mind about things I've been thinking about and doing this weekend.

I am glad to be home this weekend and returning to my regular mundane weekend routine.  First up, Hus and I returned to 'Friday Pizza Night.'  We used to order out on Friday nights, but several things made us opt for making our own pizzas.  First, homemade simply tastes better and we control what goes in it.  Second, we often ordered from a major international chain, but then I learned that just 1/4 of their large pizza had more salt than a person's daily recommended allowance.  Hus is particularly worried about salt consumption.  (on a side note I have been reading Salt: A World History and have been craving salty food. I'll do a review when I finish).  Third, takeout means a bunch of garbage involved.

Our favourite toppings include feta, marinated artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives, pesto and spinach, on a homemade whole wheat crust. Here is the before picture:

Then we popped it into our new gas top/electric convection oven.  The convection makes the pizza get nice and brown all over.
Yum!  It also fed us for lunch today.  My arms got a workout from kneading the dough, and I got another workout today when I made bread.

My bread never gets that high but it is tasty (and not quite as dark as the picture shows).  

Pictured with the loaves is another of my recent vintage finds: a pyrex butter dish. I think the pattern is called Amish, and I also bought a small casserole dish with the same pattern of white on blue.  Pyrex never really crossed my mind until I started following the blogs that I do.  Their pictures gave me a new appreciation for it, particularly since it comes in so many different patterns and colours.  But they are not cheap. I bought the butter dish at the collectable flea market for $10, but another table had it marked for $25!  

While I was out buying groceries today, I stopped by a few thrift shops, but came out empty handed.  I did find a Sierra Designs quilted vest for $3.  I've been looking for a good outdoors vest; this one was quite nice and fit me, but I questioned how thick of a sweater I could wear underneath. Since it was not perfect, I left it where it was.

Tonight, I made something I've never made before: Wonton Soup with tofu wontons. I didn't really follow a recipe, but it turned out quite good. Here's another picture:

Tomorrow, we'll be going cross-country skiing with a bunch of friends and their dogs, so the leftovers of this soup will make a nice lunch.

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