December 28, 2011

Pyrex Present

Our family often exchange used gifts.  When I opened the gift my parent's gave to me on Christmas Eve, I was happy to discover two individual-sized 'Forest Fancies' dishes!
I haven't used them yet, but I will.  I only have a small collection of pyrex and have never baked in it before!
Other kitchen goodies (new ones!) that we received for Christmas were: a heavy-duty pizza cutter, a recipe keeper binder, tea towel, filet knife, kitchen scissors, veggie scrubber, and cookbooks.  Thanks everyone!

December 25, 2011

Christmas Greetings!

Hello and Merry Christmas!

It has been a hectic few weeks with Christmas preparations, parties and the end of the semester.  We only got our Christmas tree up on Monday and I adorned it with all the garage sale and thrift store ornaments I found over the year.

We almost didn't get a tree at all. When we went to the tree lot (which is a fundraiser for the Boy Scouts) there were only 5 trees left.  At least that cut down on the decision-making!  We chose this one, and I think its spareness suits the mid-century glass ornaments.
I hope that you are all having as good a Christmas as we are.  I'll share some of the great gifts I received tomorrow.

December 05, 2011

Crafty Repurposing

Sometimes I like kitschy crafts too much.  On the weekend, I found myself invariably drawn towards this crocheted scrubby + potholder set.  Maybe it was the Christmas colours, or maybe because it was only $3.00 at a craft sale fundraiser.
But the best part was when I looked closer....the crafter used an old CD to be the rigid base of the potholder.
This seems to be one of the best ways I've seen CDs, CD-ROMS & DVDs repurposed.  Usually they end up as a sun catcher or ornament, but I like this idea better.  This set is going to be a gift for someone who recently started to host her family Christmas dinners.  Hopefully, she likes it...if not she only has to use it once a year!