January 26, 2010

Orange and Brown

Two of my favourite colours.  I love to wear orange and brown, decorate in them, and cook and eat off of orange and brown.  Several years ago I found a set of four Hornsea Canisters at a Garage Sale, and bought them.  The owners had taped a note on the largest one, writing that they had been purchased in the UK in 1972.  The pattern is called Saffron, and since then I've kept my eyes open for more.

This was one of the things I was seeking to buy in Vancouver last week.  My sister and I had planned to go to the Vancouver Flea Market, but since it is open every weekend, we nixed that in favour of going to a special Vintage and Collectibles flea market.  But, even with four large rooms of mid-century collectables, there was no Hornsea.  However, I did find other pottery, behold:

Orange, brown and blue!  Another favourite colour combination.  This is West German Pottery, which is apparently having a resurgence in popularity due to its modern design that fits with contemporary decor.  I love it!


Carpe Diem said...

OMG I love that vase!!! I'm not too crazy about the Hornsea, but now that I know what it looks like I'll keep my eye open for it (for you of course).

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Thanks! It wasn't really flea market cheap, though. The seller had a whole table of W. German pottery, and said prices were negotiable. Toward the end of the day, I went back. This one was $45 and he offered 25% off. I countered at $30 and got it. It is now on our mantle.