January 21, 2010

On Not shopping in Vancouver

I have a few moments to post.  I'm having a good time here in the Lower Mainland.  Tomorrow is another all-day meeting (ugh!) but I'm planning on hitting a few thrift and vintage shops in the Broadway-Main area this afternoon.  I've already found some awesome vintage finds, and had to borrow a small bag from my sister to haul them home again!  I'll post pictures next week.

I know people from the hinterlands of BC (or heartland, if you prefer) who carry an extra empty suitcase with them to Vancouver to fill up at the malls.  This week I wandered through the Pacific Centre and Coquitlam Centre, but didn't find anything really attractive or suitable to buy.  The only new things I've bought are practical: a London Fog umbrella (it was pouring when I arrived on Thursday!) and some Clark's waterproof boots.  I actually planned to buy both; and I purposely wore my old worn-out black ankle boots to leave behind when I bought the Clarks (which are really comfortable and great for walking):

I used to take so much enjoyment from traditional shopping, but now all I can think about is how long the clothing will last or look decent.  I suppose this isn't something to be really sad about as I saved money by not buying the mall-stuff, and I don't have to carry an extra suitcase home!  Rather, I have a small bag full of less expensive, previously-loved items.

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