July 31, 2010

Golden Garage Sale

Yesterday, I decided to take the day off and had obligations to no one except myself.  What do I like to do with myself?  Rummage, of course.  After viewing the ads, I decided to hit just three garage sales.  Number one was a bust.  Number two was golden.
The vendors had labeled and cleaned everything immaculately, and it was all neatly organized and categorized on tables.  I felt like congratulating them, however, I could see that they were a fastidious couple in everything judging by the conditions of their wares.  I was particularly taken in by their housewares and came away with a set of six golden glasses....
look at how they had pre-packed them!  We desperately needed new glasses.  I bought a set of 8 at Canadian Tire about three years ago and we have none of them left - they all shattered after very little use.  On the other hand, we still are using a few of the glasses Hus's parents got for a wedding gift in the late 1960s, so I knew that I wanted older glasses.  These are probably from the late 1970s/early 1980s, all for $2.00.

And I also purchased this large pyrex bowl for $3.00  It must be of the same vintage and has virtually no wear and no scratches....
And finally, I couldn't help myself from buying a set of six side plates....
Also from the era when gold was a popular colour!  And these are the plates of my childhood.  Our family had this set and had many a good meal on them.  I guess having them feeds part of my nostalgia for my happy childhood. $1.50.

Garage Sale number three was OK, I came away with this vintage table cloth for $1.00.
Look at those happy Bavarian Folks! Or should I say Volk!
And I bought a basic cardigan for .50 cents.  Agghh, this means I'm anticipating going back to school where I often wear cardis.

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