August 01, 2010

Old Dishes from my Childhood

Yesterday, I posted about re-purchasing the dishes my family had in the 1980s.  While they make me feel nostalgic, I am really on the lookout for the dishes my family had in the 1970s (and used as camping dishes in the 1980s).  And apparently many other people covet these mid-century lovelies, because the online prices are really high considering that many people had these! They are a Kathy Winkle Broadhurst pattern, and I finally found a piece at the thrift store.
 My mom says she still has the platter, so I'll have two pieces soon. 


jill.hood said...

Oh! I collected those all last year and this spring gave an almost complete set to my daughter. Keep looking, they will come to you.
They are so familiar to many people and great quality stoneware to boot.
here is an interesting link.

Cheers Jill

acorn hollow said...

I don't believe I have ever seen that pattern very mod. Your cast iron frying pay is great that is all I use I have 4 diffrent sizes all from thrifting or yardsales.
I threw out the teflon and just love my pans. That is one reason I will not buy a glass top stove, your not suppose to use them on it.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Thanks for the link Jill. Its good to know about Kathie Winkle's history and that there is always someone 'real' behind the items we use.

Acorn Hollow, I also threw all my teflon out this year, and was using my one enamel le crueset frying pan for everything. So the cast iron was a thankful addition.

Carpe Diem said...

When I see that cup I think of Mom. I'll keep my eye out for them.... but I might decide to keep them for myself!