August 02, 2010

Reducing Myself Monday

It has been a few weeks, since I posted about my weight loss, basically because there has been none :-( Today I weight 142.  Going on vacation derailed my weight loss.  Although I avoided all the abundant ice cream and caramel corn stands on the Oregon Coast, I was not watching portion size etc.  So, here is the first post to get me back on track.  I have to remind myself of the plan that I posted about in May.

1. Weekly weight in on Mondays.
2. "Eat food, mostly plants, not to much" & avoid the sugary, doughy stuff.
3. @ meetings - only tea or fruit.
4. Portion control and mindful eating.
5. @ restaurants, leave something on the plate.
6. Early to bed.
7. Extend doggie walks.

I am also aware that my thrift shopping is going to be impacted if I don't lose a few pounds.  When I visit my sister in the lower mainland, we have a thrifting routine.  If she has three pieces of clothing to try on and I only have one, she takes my item in the change room and models it for me, and vice versa.  Since we were the same size, we could judge whether we wanted to buy the clothing or not without even trying it on ourselves.  But she lost 12 pounds recently on Weight Watchers!  So I have to somehow catch up, or else go into those stinky changerooms and try my own clothing on.

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