July 25, 2010

Betty Draper Vino?

This is my second Mad Men-themed post of the day!  This afternoon we stopped by the Liquor store to get some wine for guests tonight (not Mad Men watchers so we'll have to watch it after they go home!), and I spied this bottle of Merlot...
Unfortunately, even though I think I am too savvy to get sucked in by marketing, I had to buy it.  I did so knowing full well that the Vintners were counting on the success of the show to sell it.  On the back of the bottle it gives some 'user instructions.'
 In case you can't read it it says...."Somewhere near the cool shadows of the laundry room.  Past the litter box and between the plastic yard toys.  This is your time.  Time to enjoy a moment to yourself  A moment without the madness.  The dishes can wait.  Dinner be damned.  Mad Housewife Merlot."  So they are advocating that women drink wine in their dank basements during the day all alone.  I'm not so sure about that message!
I also noticed that there is no actual description of the wine.  So, even though its daytime and I'm all alone writing in the basement, I thought I had better crank it open to give you, dear readers, a review of the wine.  It is rather thin and very oak-y.  But at least it has a cool label!


acorn hollow said...

Oh I totally love it. I belong to a womens group which losely means we sit around once a month and drink wine. I will be looking to snag one of those for our next get together.

grunge-queen said...

Though the labels are cute I too am distrustful of those female-targeted wines that seem to be all the rage now - there are ones called "Strut" and other such names and they tend to taste like crap (I tried one and gave up on the trend). Not sure why they have to sell inexpensive mediocre wine to us chicks to have a good time with our gal pals ...'cos I'd prefer just good wine that you can buy for basically the same price!