November 23, 2011

Sore Legs and Arms

So...I did it.  I ran the New Balance Fall Classic half marathon in Vancouver on Sunday.  21.1 km!  It was a great experience and I had a pretty good time of 2:18:45!  Yay for me!  When I flew home, Hus had a bouquet of Lilies for me.  Is it just me, or do some Lilies smell like hot dogs?

So I have been hobbling around for a few days, and my legs only felt like 'normal' today.  But, I had an opportunity to match my sore legs with sore arms!  It has been snowing all day and I've already shovelled the driveway twice!  I guess its good that I did my half marathon already since the winter is going to put a hitch in my running schedule.

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Cheapchick said...

Holy crap. Congrats!