May 07, 2010

Food Waste Friday

Since I didn't post about my food waste last was still in the refrigerator for this week's post!  I had one pesto-flavoured wrap left from the package which Hus bought (I don't care for that flavour) and a whole bunch of last year's frozen berries.  I made a berry sauce for some cheesecake we had on my birthday - but defrosted too many, and didn't use the rest.  Since it is now fully spring, I will throw them in the compost to get that going!

My freezer is still swimming with frozen berries, especially raspberries, and I have no idea about how to use them all.  I have been giving some to friends who make their own wine, and I need to make jam again.  I almost dread July when I will have to pick them next.  I usually pick for two hours each day for two weeks straight before I get tired of it.  Last year I think I picked 40 pounds of raspberries.  So far, I have been mentioning to all my girlfriends that they should come over and pick them this year.

The other thing I am at a loss as what to do with is whipping cream!  We finally had the retirement chocolate fondue for our retiring colleague, and bought way too much chocolate and whipping cream for the fondue.  I have a Uni friend coming to town tomorrow, and will have to make a rhubarb crisp to start using my ever expanding rhubarb patch and this whipping cream, but I'll still have lots of both left over.  I will strive to use it up, and not take a picture of it for next week's post!

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Kristen said...

Oh my goodness...I wish you lived by me, because I would LOVE to have some of your berries.

Have you tried making freezer jam with them? Super easy and so good.