October 24, 2011

Reducing Myself Monday and Resolution Review

Well, I haven't done a 'Reducing Myself Monday' feature for something like six months.  And considering that there are only about two months left until I have to make new New Year's Resolutions(!) I thought I should assess some of the goals I shared with you earlier this year.  So I will do both in this post.

One of my resolutions was to clean up my work office.  I did in August!  Actually, I moved into a more spacious office, so I went through almost every scrap of paper in my office and completely de-cluttered.  Knowing how easy it is for paperwork to get out of control is keeping me motivated to keep my new office clean.  As for finding and cooking more vegan recipes, this was something I sort of forgot about.  I guess I still have two months to progress on this resolution!

On the weight front, I have been doing quite well.  The last time I wrote about my weight I was at goal - 130 lbs.  Since then I have been between 132 and 135.  Sometimes in the same week!  I need to start tracking WW points more consistently;  135 is a fine weight for me, but I know from experience that it slowly creeps up until I am making justifications to myself (i.e. 139 is still in the 130s! or 144 and I can still fit into my pants!)  So I would like to be at my lower ideal weight.  Losing weight, when you are motivated, is easy.  Keeping it off is hard. 
As for fitness, I have been seeing this view a lot....
No, I didn't have my left leg amputated.  I have been running more than I ever have before!  Yesterday, I ran 18 kilometers.  A record distance for me.  I am in sight of my next running resolution, which is to run a half-marathon.  I will see where I am at in two weeks, and may sign up for one at the end of November.  I never would have thought that I could run for almost 2 1/2 hours straight!  It is just like everything else - getting into a habit and incrementally building up leads to great progress.  I will leave you with a few picturesque autumn views from my run.



Carpe Diem said...

New hobby? Running AND photography together?

Carpe Diem said...

And congrats! 18km? Wow good for you! Now I hang my head in shame.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

I was listening to songs on the iphone. I carried it so I could phone for help in case I couldn't make it! So I snapped a few pictures.