October 16, 2011

Bling and Books

Over the last two weeks I was able to visit a few garage sales, the thrift stores, and a used book sale.  The 'finds' were not particularly plentiful, but that is OK. I go more to get out, browse, reminisce and wonder at the plethora of people's cast-offs, rather than to buy.  I did find this older fake pearl necklace for $1.
You can tell the older ones by their clasps, and I thought this one had a nice patina.  Funny, I bought another pearl necklace at a garage sale in August.  I am obviously attracted to them, so I guess I'd better wear them more often.

At another garage sale, I bought this silver plated 'made in England' egg cup.
$2.  It seems too fancy to eat a boiled egg from.  Especially when the yolk runs over the edge!

Otherwise, I purchased books.  Lots and lots of books!  
Another lover of British Mysteries must have cleared off their bookshelves and donated it all in one fell swoop to the Salvation Army.  I found the first four books there for .25 cents.  I bought Voices, an Icelandic mystery, at a garage sale for .25 cents, and the rest at a fundraising book sale for between $1 and $3.  I was considering buying the Kate Morton books new, as I really enjoyed The House at Riverton, so I am happy I found them used!  Now I have all my winter reading stacked and ready to go!

I am linking this post to Her Library Adventure's Flea Market Finds.  Visit it for other blogger's thrifty finds.


acorn hollow said...

I read forgotten garden it was just ok. I read the other bolyn girl again just ok.I have not read the other offers.I am reading 1000 white women right now. So far so good. I love the pearls they go with everything,

Jill said...

I love the Kate Morton books - waiting for a new one....... Second hand books are the best - new is just crazy expensive!

Thrift Shopper for Peace said...

I'm a mystery lover too (have a nearly complete Agatha Christie collection and started reading Ian Rankins in the lead up to our Scotland trip last fall) is that Icelandic myster good? I also love Kate Morton's books and have her novels thrifted as well.