February 03, 2011

Blog and Food Resolutions...with good links

Since it is already February, I thought I should recount a few of my resolutions and where I am with them.  

#1. Blog.  Restart the "reducing myself Monday" posts, to keep a focus on my eating and exercising. Add newly discovered blogs to my blog list.  The Monday posts are keeping me accountable, especially on the weekends!  Today I also added a bunch of new (to me) blogs on my blog list to the left.  Happy reading!  I have also changed the settings on commenting.  So for friends and family and general readers who are blog-less, you can now leave comments!

If anyone is about to start blogging, The Frugal Girl recently wrote a great post called Five Blogging Mistakes about what she wished she would have known when she started her blog. And now I wish I had had the insight of her experience, when I started this one. 

#5. Food.  Discover and cook new vegan recipes.  I sort of forgot about this resolution, but on Tuesday, I had no idea what to cook except that it had to use my rapidly-going-off broccoli.  While poking around food blogs I found this recipe for Hippy Rice on Mark Bittman's Blog.  Hippy Rice!  How could I not make it with that name!  Especially because the recipe only needed me to dirty one pot!  Even though it is very simple, and probably below 5 ww points, I loved it.  Something about the contrast between the toasted sunflower seeds and raisins made it so nutty and savoury.

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