December 30, 2010

Skiing and Lazing

I've been on vacation since the 22nd, but I worked this morning and have to work again tomorrow to get ready for next semester, which starts on Tuesday!  We've done some skiing, and went again this afternoon, but I have to admit that I've been really lazy over the holidays as well!
The dog and myself.
Happy Boy!  Stepping on the tracks as usual!
But I'm not going to feel bad about lazing around.  Sometimes you need a period of sluggishness to get refreshed and motivated again.  And, I discovered a whole bunch of reality TV shows that are right up my alley; used goods, thriftiness and mid-century.  

First of all, I've been watching American Pickers on History Television.  This is a show that Hus has been watching with me since the picking pair often come across old Harley Davidsons, scooters etc.  Mike and Frank have a good rapport and I love Mike Wolf's laugh!  Not nearly as likeable are the crew on Storage Wars on A&E.  The only redeeming feature of this show, which focuses on four rather obnoxious guys trying to outbid each other in auctions on abandoned storage locker contents, is the mystery of what will be found in the storage lockers.  I also came across What the Sell? on TLC, which is about three generations of women who run a consignment shop dealing in antique furniture, art, jewellery and collectables.

Thriftiness is at the heart of Victorian Farm, since the three scholars have to recreate modest life on an English Victorian Farm.  From medical remedies, to animal husbandry, to clothing and food, they have to use what is at their disposal.  It is a very charming show which hearkens back to a simpler life.  The link above brings you to Youtube where someone has uploaded the whole series. 

On the complete flipside, I also watched Extreme Couponing last night which I found somewhat unsettling.  It was about four Americans who save thousands of dollars on groceries by bundling up coupons/sales to pay the least amount possible.  That level of dedication and thriftiness is intriguing and I can understand the 'game' and the 'rush' of it, but the amount of over-packaged products they had stockpiled seemed a bit over-the-top.  Although the show never mentioned it, it was also a reminder of the way brands try to entice new customers with coupons for new and over-processed products, and that it is the death of the production economy and the rise of the consumer economy that drives the relentless creation of new food and beauty products.  But, who am I to talk, since my blog is mainly about stuff!  At least the participants donate their excess to food banks. The show will be repeated several times this week on TLC if you missed it.  Here is one of the participants on Youtube:

And finally, there was an interesting documentary on the origins of Tupperware called Tupperware!.  This link will take you to a promo of the film.  It is narrated by Kathy Bates and is more about the female workforce that Tupperware's female Vice President, Brownie Wise, created in the early 1950s through the Tupperware Party.  She pioneered many of the multi-level marketing strategies which are still common today in all sorts of sales.  If you have a chance to see it, I highly recommend it.
Well, I suppose I should get off the couch now and write some New Year's resolutions that don't involve sitting in front of the TV!

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acorn hollow said...

I have been watching pickers for awhile now and oddities is weird but I love how they make money on all the weird things. But thanks for the heads up on what the sell.
and the crazy coupon lady.
we have not had enough snow to ski and I am thinking snow shoeing this year anyway. Glad you had some time to just recharge your batteries.
Happy New Year