December 29, 2010

Good Deeds go rewarded

The other day Hus and I went out cross country skiing.  Although the snow was a bit sticky it was wonderful and the dog loves jumping into the snowbanks lining the trail. 
While we were loading our skis in the back of the truck, a lady sheepishly approached me to ask if she could borrow my ski poles, since she had forgotten hers.  No problem.  We live in a small town so I figured that I probably knew of her or her family.  But I didn't.  She had just moved here from Vancouver, so I had to welcome her with a show of Northern friendliness.
When she dropped the poles off to Hus later in the afternoon, she reciprocated with a $20 Tim Horton's gift card!  This was totally unexpected and not necessary; but I guess a little kindness and trust goes a long way!

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