April 10, 2010

Reno Repentance

First up, I want to say hi and welcome to Acorn Hollow, Mary, Mimi and the Recycle-ista for following my blog!

On the kitchen front - the cabinet maker has started to install the cabinets, and they look fantastic!  So by the end of next week, we should have a functioning (and stunning) kitchen.  It will be several more weeks after that, until it is totally completed with backsplash etc.  So, the before-and-after pictures are still coming. 

I know I have only been posting about my rummaging lately, and not about reducing, reusing or recycling!  Well, during this kitchen reno, Hus and I have not been very environmentally-friendly.  We have given away or sold anything that was still use-able or workable from the kitchen including the old cabinets and the fridge, but had to bring the carpet, tile fragments, drywall bits, and the old linoleum to the dump.  The only things we could reuse, and are going to, are the original doorbell and one of the floor vents.

Being without a kitchen has also resulted in a lot of non-recyclable food packaging.  Most of our breakfasts over the last month have consisted of instant oatmeal, made in the bathroom with our electric kettle.  We've also fallen into making microwavable meals, with all the associated garbage.  

Plus, when the drywall was installed and the ceiling skimmed, we turned the heat way up to help with the drying process.  I'm sure there are a hundred more things for us to be guilty about, but it would take up too much space to list them all.....

....so to finally get to the point of this blog post, I feel that when the kitchen is functional again, I have to repent for all the waste associated with the renovation.  I'm not sure exactly what my plan will be yet, but it will certainly involve cooking from scratch (it won't be a hardship to go back to normal!) and joining Food Waste Fridays at the Frugal Girl Blog.  So, the rummaging will continue, but I also aim to post more about living sustainably with less waste.  I will post the full plan once the kitchen is workable!

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