April 07, 2010

Easter Finery

Hus, the dog and I had a fabulous Easter in our hometown with our parents and siblings.  Lots of visiting, laughing and eating.  And, we picked up a kitchen sink and faucet!  

My sisters and I snuck away after Easter brunch to visit Value Village. Can you believe they were open on Easter Sunday?  I bought a trio of vintage brooches.  
More made-in Canada leather-craft flowers!  I also love the enamel flower with the white butterfly. This is similar to one my mom wore in the 1970s, and I could not turn down the little drummer boy by Hallmark.  Either I had this pin, or one of my little friends did, because it makes me feel so nostalgic!  I think it is a little too juvenile to wear, so I'll make it into a Christmas tree ornament by pinning it onto some gold backing or something.

I also convinced my sisters to buy vintage brooches also!  Little sister has some sway!  They both bought intricate gold-coloured ones.  Hopefully they'll wear theirs next Easter or Thanksgiving when we'll be all together again.  (that's a challenge Sistas!)

Later that day some early Birthday presents were exchanged since many of us have birthdays in April - me included.  My oldest sister, on Carpe Diem Vintage, gave me a cool tin recipe box full of some stranger's old recipes and newspaper clippings!  What a weirdo!  But thanks anyway, 'cause I think it is a great gift and am looking forward to displaying it in my renovated kitchen.  I love it!
So does the dog!  There must have been a lot of yummy food smells still haunting this box to make him trot over and give it such a good once-over.  He even licked it.  Here is the inside and some of the recipes:

The clipping are also interesting.  I haven't gone through them all, but they appear to be mainly dessert recipes, egg recipes (maybe the owner had chickens?) and household tips. Here is one for cleaning gunk out of coffee cups:
 On the back-side are some very Betty Draperish fashions from 1959....
And that is my report on how I spent my Easter holiday.


mykidzmom said...

Hey, I have a Little Drummer Boy pin too. It is almost exactly the same. The peinting is a little different. I actually wore mine when I was a little girl in the 70's (maybe early eighties).

I love that there are lot more people out there who like vintagey-y stuff like me! My husband thinks I'm nuts :)

Carpe Diem said...

OMG! Are you calling me a weirdo??? (not that I have'nt heard that before) I'm glad Rufus likes the tin box too! Cute pic of his nose - did you take it or Hus?

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Ha Ha. I knew by calling you a weirdo you would leave a comment! I suppose I'm just as weird! I took the picture.