March 28, 2010

That 70s Reno

The drywall is completed and floor is in!  Without really planning it, it seems that we are doing a 70s restoration on our 1979 house.  But Hus says that the 70s-ish brown tiles we picked out are really growing on him, and I like them too.  And I think the coffee table I posted about previously will work great with the floor.

Here is a mini before-and-after photo comparison.  Just a two weeks ago....

...we were living in chaos. That is a big hole where we removed a zero-clearance fireplace, and we were framing a wall to fit in there.  Funny how dogs have to get right in the middle of the action!

And today...

The hole  is drywalled over, the wall is primed for painting, and the tiles are ready to get covered with dog hair! Our floors don't really slant that much, since this was a 'staged' shot I had to snap the picture quickly before the dog got up!  But, I'm sure that when autumn comes and we turn on the underfloor heating, the dog will never want to get up!

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