March 30, 2010

Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming....

....of cooking in a new and functional kitchen!  It won't be done for a few weeks, but I am itching to get a cook-on with the new (old) cookbooks I picked up the other weekend!

The middle one "Memorable Meals in British Columbia" was a gift from one of my sisters, along with a gauzy blue 'Betty Draper' style apron.  We cracked up reading the menu plans from 1971.  The section devoted to 'ethnic menus' suggested a third course for a German menu of Seafood Curry!?!

The "Rhubarb Recipes" is in anticipation of my big patch of Rhubarb, and trying to use most of it up.  It looks old but is only (!) from 1990.  It is amazing how time passes!

The Rebar Cookbook is one I have been wanting for a long time and I've almost paid the $24.99 price for it several times.  I think it was $5.99.  I've photocopied pages out of it before, and have made the recipes with great success.  It also makes me nostalgic.  I lived in Victoria for four years and Rebar is a staple there.  I make it a point to go there every time I visit now.  So, I guess even though I didn't pay the new price for the book, I still support the business with my patronage.

Tomorrow night, I am going to the Clothing Swap that I organized with a friend months ago.  I did a quick cull of my closet and have 9 things to bring, but I know I have a box of clothing still in the crawl space.  Hopefully, I'll come home with a few good things, but we are mainly getting together to have fun and to raise money for the Ride to Conquer Cancer. (we are asking a $2 donation per item taken away)

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Mimi said...

I heart vintage cookbooks, especially anything weight-loss related. So fun!

Just started following your blog. What a great concept!

Hope you'll stop by and see me at the retro WW experiment!