March 25, 2010

I bought Teak

I am picking up this teak coffee table at Easter!
 The picture makes it look quite red, but in real life it is a natural teak-colour.  Hus and I have only really had one coffee table since we have been together; it was a factory-second from Ikea that we found at a liquidation centre.  Since we are renovating, we are buying a few pieces of furniture that suit us and our tastes.  Hus's stepfather had a teak coffee table with tiles inlaid, like this one, that Hus's sister got.  Occasionally, he grumbles that it did not end up with us.  When I saw this one at a consignment shop in Coquitlam, I knew that Hus would like it, and made an executive decision to buy it.  With taxes, it came to $70.34.

The irony is, that just prior to stopping at this shop, we were at Ikea and were admiring a teak-like coffee table for $279! We couldn't figure out what it was actually made of.  For $209 less, I would rather have real wood and something that is more inline with my values.  And this will go fabulously with my Eames Chair and teak lamp.  You'll have to wait a few weeks until I can post the 'after' pictures.

1 comment:

Carpe Diem said...

Middle sister said she was bringing up a table for you. It's nice! And such a good deal!
Can't wait to see you next week!