March 23, 2010

Off-Season Thrift Shopping

This will be the first of several posts about what I bought used over the weekend.  Many of these things I've had my eye out for, and can't quite believe that I found them all used for really good prices.  The items on today's post were all bought at a Value Village in Coquitlam.  Although it is spring, I though I would wander over to the winter coats to see if there was "anything good."  I had it in my mind that other people may be overlooking that section of the store.

As I was flipping through the ski parkas my fingers connected with one that stood out from the rest.  It was soft with a tightly knit nylon fabric, and I instinctively started to get excited.  I flipped it over and then saw the name brand, and the price!
 Then I had a look at the rest of the parka.....
It was a Marmot eiderdown parka in my size, and it hardly looks used at all!  These retail for probably about $200.  Whoever priced this probably did not recognize the name.  What a steal!  I am also happy that it is machine washable.  It will keep me warm on those really cold days!

In the winter parkas I also found an LL Bean eiderdown vest for $7.99.  This will be worn prior to next winter, however.  Since 'sitting around the fire' season is starting (I've already sat around two this month). this will keep my backside warm and cozy!  I'll likely use it next weekend.
And on the theme of winter, I also found a tomato-red beret and scarf (100% wool made in Scotland).  I think they were $2.99 each.  These will go with my vintage winter coat that I blogged about in January.
I'm happy to say that all these items were on my mental "to find" list.  Actually, the coat and vest have also made an appearance on my Christmas wish lists for the last few years.  

When I get my house back in order, after the renos, I'll have to donate some of my older coats so everything fits back into the closets!

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acorn hollow said...

Oh what good finds! Two fires, my hubby will be jelous as we have not had one fire in our pit as yet.
So I have learned a lesson if there is off season in the store look at it.