February 23, 2010

Beginning kitchen redo

This weekend was also notable for another thing: we removed an L-shaped wall separating our kitchen from our living room.  This is the first step in our kitchen remodel!  Unfortunately it is not as easy as that, because when the house was constructed in 1979, they put the electrical panel in this non-load bearing wall.  So, the electrician is coming later this week to move the panel and collect a handsome pay, so we can take the remaining studs out and have a totally open living space.  We live in a three-level split, where the main level contains the entrance, kitchen and living room.

I'm excited though, as this is a project that has been long-planned.  We bought the house six years ago and have been living with a functional, but worn-out, kitchen ever since.  We wanted to really think out the remodel, and we finally have a hefty savings account where we can get what we want without going into debt.

We also had to wait awhile for our cabinet-maker to finish her other jobs.  Initially, we were thinking of going with pre-made cabinets from Ikea or Rona etc., but we know so many people who have had difficulties with pre-made.  When the cabinets came in, they were the wrong sizes, and the owners had to compromise on their initial design etc.  And those cabinets are often of very poor quality.

In the planning phase, several internet boards suggested getting a quote from a cabinet maker, as the price for a custom kitchen was often more reasonable than one might imagine.  I know a cabinet-make in town; she had been a former student and we often worked together on political work.  After a few consultations she drew up a plan and a price, and we were sold!  She is also very excited about out kitchen, since she has never done cabinets like the ones we want.  As she was working on her other jobs, she has always been in contact with suggestions etc.

We decided on plain slab European-style fir cabinets, with the grain going horizontal.  Here is a picture of the sample she made up:

And we are going to order these handles and knobs in Pewter from Lee Valley:

So, we'll be living in chaos for about two months, but then I'll be happy to post before and after photos.


Becky said...

Wow! Can't wait to see what you do. Did you take before pics?

And I'm pea-green with jealousy. We have a teeny tiny little galley style kitchen. I really do not like it at all.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Yes, I'll post the before pics when it is all done. We've lived with a galley kitchen before - there's not too much you can do to open it up, unfortunately.

Becky said...

Short of knocking out the wall and expanding. I dream, I dream...........

Carpe Diem said...

You'll love the plain slab doors. They are so easy to clean.