February 21, 2010

Weekend Thrifting

Hit the thrift shops for the first time in many weeks, and found three things for a total of $4.25.  

First up, is a square rubber-backed tablecloth for $2.

I have no idea from what time period it is, but the pattern doesn't look particularly contemporary.  I was holding this in the thrift shop imagining it on our patio table.  We have been having unseasonable warm weather, all the snow in our yard is completely gone, and all the trees are budding, so I hope to use it soon.

Next, is a small, tacky, black velvet wall hanging.


Maybe it was the springtime theme that caught my eye, the fact that it was only .25 cents, or that it was handcrafted in Canada by Ecstasy Giftware of Shannonville, Ont., but I couldn't pass it up.  I told Hus that I would hang it in the laundry room with my other tacky finds, but he said it was too good for that.  So, we'll have to find another place.

Finally, my eyes were stopped by this $2 t-shirt.  I love Jazz, and I love Crustaceans, so why not?


 Especially when it was made in the USA circa 1982.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I'm with your hus, the snowdrop embroidery is quite nice!

Becky said...

What fun! we ventured out too but didn't find as much cool stuff as you did. I really like the embroidery too.

I bought a $6 wall lamp for the oval flat shade!