February 26, 2010

Spring Ditch Diving

Every spring, the melting snow reveals an accumulation of bottles and cans lining the ditches around our neighbourhood.  For the past few springs, we take along bags and pick up these treasures whilst walking the dog.  He seems to think that these are extra special walks, as we descend into the deep ditches where he normally isn't allowed to go.  Our last ditch diving venture gleaned two bags of assorted cans and bottles:

There are a lot of cans in these bags, since we crushed them to save space.  Most of the cans (disturbingly enough, beer cans) were collected on a 1/2 kilometer stretch of a secondary highway.  Hus euphemistically calls these "road pops."  For a little extra work (we were walking anyway) we earned over $3 when we returned these, and helped clean up our neighbourhood.

I've noticed that another one of our regular walking routes is suffering from an accumulation of bottles and cans.  I guess we'll have to take some big bags next time we take the dog for a walk!

1 comment:

Carpe Diem said...

It's a scary thought to think that we are turning into our parents! ;)

I often pick up cans along the way when I'm walking too.