May 06, 2014

Where did April go?

It whizzed by and the exam period was gruelling.  And now I can look forward to a relaxing summer of full-time work and weekends off, instead of the 15+ hours a day I've been putting in in my first year of law school.

I managed to do a few other things besides studying.  I went to my first ever NHL game (and the Oilers actually won it). That was some time earlier in April when they played against the Ducks. I'm not much of a hockey fan (the tickets were given to us) so I was more interested in observing crowd behaviour etc.  And, the opening of the game brought home to me that I'm living in Oil country now, because the team skated through a derrick that was lowered from the ceiling.  Really.
I also celebrated my birthday.  And Hus and I celebrated our 12th anniversary.  We dashed out to dinner in the middle of my studying.  

And now that my finals are over, I made a trip to the public library to sign up and check out 'fun' non-law books!  

Last year was the library's centennial, so they threw in this bag with my membership, and check out this great library card...
And I know you want to have a closer look at some of the pictures in the Tiki book....

I could go for one of those drinks now.  It was a fun read about the origins of Tiki and the mish-mash of cultures and creativity that went into it. Not shown in the picture, is Camilla Lackberg's second to last novel, which I blew threw in two days.

My friend Moe also came for a visit, and we went to some consignment shops and to the Royal Albert Museum.  I only really have this picture to show, I took it because it was so shockingly gross....
A HUGE diorama of what happens when a mouse corpse decomposes.  

And on that cheery note, I'll bid you farewell until next time.


Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Congrats on making it through your first year of law school. A nice fruity drink sounded good to me too...till I saw the decomposing rat. :)

Bindu said...

It is nice that you found time to some fun things too. the last picture is gross... I agree with you.