March 01, 2014

Trio of Tables

When we moved provinces this summer, we came dining table-less.  We now have three places to sit (four - if you count TV trays at the couch).

We needed something immediately, so IKEA came to the rescue to furnish our kitchen in August.
It is a small space, so we bought this bamboo-veneered table.  A better picture is here.  Since the two ends flip up it has come in handy the few times we've had guests.  We decided on the Sigurd chairs, which have a great design but aren't the most comfortable to sit in.

Then in October, I decided that I needed some cheap seating for my 70s rumpus room basement bar.  Not wanting to spend much, I found this vintage '50s metal card table on kijiji.  I had never seen anything like this before.  It's in pretty good condition, and made by Cooey Metal Products.  Due to the wonders of the internet I found out that the company operated on Ontario from 1941 to 1989.  Unfortunately, the plant contaminated the site, which the province is still trying to get cleaned up.

The weird thing is, is two weeks after I bought the table, Hus came home with two of the same card tables in red (no chairs).  He got them for free while helping clean out an office at his work.  One is in our basement pantry now, and the other is in the garage awaiting a purpose.  

And just two weekends ago, I found a use for the money that I made at our moving-out yard sale in the summer.  It took months and months of trolling on kijiji, but I finally found a '60s teak dining set!
The solid top comes off and two "wings" come out from the ends to expand the table.  I'm not in love with the mushroom colour upholstery, but that can be changed at some point.  The important thing is that it is in great condition, was a reasonable price, and is small enough to fit in the space.  We had to pass over so many beautiful ones that would have just been too large.  Now I just have to find a buffet & hutch.  Hopefully it doesn't take another 8 months! 


Cheapchick said...

Love the teak! You could easily resell those card tables if you find you have too many but folding tables come in so hand. Cheers!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Love your teak table and chairs? Did those replace the ones from IKEA? We had a teak table and chairs in our store similar to that one, and the chairs were covered with the IKEA print fabric called Majken. It looked really cool and sold fast.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

I'll look up the fabric next time we're in Ikea. The teak is in the dining area, the ikea in the kitchen. This is the first house we've had, that has had two places to eat!