March 02, 2014

Storage Area Shelving

We've been organizing a corner of our basement.  

Actually, first Hus had to destroy a corner of our basement!  Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures, but one corner had a cold room and a creepy little darkroom circa late 1960s. Our nephew immediately dubbed it the 'kill room' since there was a shower stall immediately outside of it (He's a Dexter fan).  Well the creepiness started to get to us, especially since there was no window in the room, but  the outside of the house has one where the room is!  Who puts walls over windows?  Also the coldness was starting to get to us.  The cold room was immediate below our rather chilly bedroom.  So over a few weekends, Hus pulled it all out.  The dark room was so shoddily built, that he didn't even need tools!

Lo and behold, the window that the wall was erected over, was open a crack.  For over forty years! In Edmonton! It gets cold here; this weekend it hit a low of -38 celsius!  So with the window now closed and air circulating throughout our basement, our house is much warmer and cozier.

But where to put all of our storage?  Another trip to Ikea for utility shelving.  But I wanted to incorporate something 'vintage' from the mess that we pulled out, so we saved this groovy, psychedelic shelf liner to gussy up the boring shelving:

And I cut out some bunting for the shelving:
Close up:
This is the extent of my DIY decorating skills.  At least everything is contained now, in a non-creepy space.

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