May 05, 2012

May 5th Garage Sale Haul

Today was grey and rainy.  Not pleasant enough to spend outdoors doing yard work, but good enough to hit garage sales.  The first ones I've been to this year.  Many were fundraisers.  I think they were timed to coincide with the opening day of our very popular farmer's market.  I probably went to ten today, and I've grouped my haul into categories:

For some reason I didn't have a 1/4 measure.  But now I have this little white tupperware one. 25 cents.  And two canisters for dry goods. $1.50.

A game, paper doll and seek-and-search book for my little niece and nephew that I'll be visiting in a few weeks.  $1.00.
Well, you can read the titles.  I will say that I keep picking up Philippa Gregory books for my 'to read' shelf, but haven't yet read one!
On the upside, I liked the style of these shoes.  On the downside, I rarely wear heels and these are made of all man-made materials.  But, on the upside they've never been worn and were only .50 cents.  So I took them home.  Behind is a hanger for scarves, belts etc. 10 cents.

I also bought some chocolate chip cookies at one of the fundraisers, but there are hardly any left to photograph!
So, these are all fairly practical items but a good start to garage sale season, nonetheless. 
I'm linking up to other rummagers from Her Library Adventures Flea Market Finds.


Cheapchick said...

Excellent finds. That belt/scarf hanger will come in handy - I will have to look for one of those.

acorn hollow said...

good finds. I have read the other Bolyn girl. it was ok. Cute shoes

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

Cheapchick - I have already added my scarves/belts to it and its saved some room in my closet.

Cathy - I hope I get some wear out of the shoes!

Liz said...

Love the canisters and the shoes!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger