March 18, 2012

Springing out of a Bad Winter

This is my first post of 2012!  I am emerging from a fairly bad winter, but am now looking forward to a better spring.  The snow is receding, rhubarb shoots have broken through the soil, I am healthy and in a much better frame of mind, AND I bought a frivolous pair of spring shoes to start putting my best foot forward!
I can't say that I'm enamoured with the new style of platform shoes, but they don't seem to be going away.  With such great floral fabric, and for only $2.50, I thought I could take a chance on these, even if I only wear them a few times!   I found them on the 80% off rack at our local consignment shop.

So I am trying to look forward and put this winter behind me.  Without going into great detail, I am facing a lot of stress at work which will likely led to an employment and lifestyle change in a year or two. The stress has affected my health.  I am now just getting over a bad cold(s) that I've had over the last four weeks, and it has taken a while to get over a running injury (from Christmastime!).  But, now that the season is changing, and I've come to terms with the changes that are coming, I am feeling more optimistic and more like myself (which will mean a resumption of blogging).


Jeanne said...

I really Love those shoes even though I wouldn't last 5 minutes in them! The price is outstanding! Happy spring!!

acorn hollow said...

So glad to see you back. I love your shoes great find. Reduce stress when you can as you know it is not good for you.

Reduce, Reuse and Rummage said...

I'm not sure I can walk for more than 5 minutes either! And, thanks for the words of wisdom, Cathy!

Sandy said...

I stumbled across your blog just now....your shoes really caught my eye...they are so cheerful! I as thrift storing today & never found anything THAT cute! :0) good job, kiddo! And really happy to hear your positive attitude for coming out of some bummer times. Take care!