March 31, 2012

Last of the Snow

Most Canadians engage in a Spring ritual: breaking apart the last of the snow on the lawn, so it melts and disappears faster.  Some, like my neighbour, take out their snowblowers and snow blow their lawn, but I take the old-fashioned approach: a shovel. Here is the fruit of my labour...
Rufus was in the backyard the whole day and as the lumps melted, he licked them like they were sno-cones.
Now that I am feeling better I'm taking advantage of the spring skiing before our local mountain shuts down for the season.  Here I am with friends last weekend...
I'm in the white, not sure why I am standing so funny though. 
It was a great day with warm sunny weather and we had burgers, fries and beers on the lodge patio at the end of the day.  Our local mountain is the only cooperatively owned ski-hill in North America - so that's pretty cool too.  We'll be back tomorrow.

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