April 17, 2011

Urban Rummaging

One of the advantages of having a spoiled pooch who demands two walks a day, is that Hus and I get to know our neighbourhood very well - and benefit from its bounties.  Although we haven't done it yet this year, we usually collect bottles in the spring, pick apples from old orchards, collect Saskatoon berries in greenspaces in the summer, and come across all sorts of things on the paths and roads on our regular walking routes.  I found $2 last week!  

But this week Hus took the cake.  We've noticed an abandoned wheelbarrow in a bit of bush that we pass. Its been there for about a month.  For those who don't live in Canada 'the Bush' can refer to pristine wilderness, or can refer to any space that is unoccupied, wild and used as a common space (sometimes, unfortunately, a dumping place).  Yesterday, Hus came back with the dog pushing the wheelbarrow home!  It is a really nice 'vintage' steel one.  He put it into use right away.
I think a month is probably long enough to determine if it was dumped.  If someone comes to claim it, we'll give it back, but from the reaction of one of our neighbours - we weren't the only ones who were keeping an eye on it!


Carpe Diem said...

An awesome find!

dogsmom said...

If it was in uninhabited territory and not someone's yard, I would say it was fair game.
I guess I may have some things in my yard that I do not move for a month at a time, mainly in winter, but not close to the street where they could be mistaken as abandoned.
Doesn't it make you wonder how it got there?

Bindu said...

Every one see things, but few have the mind to take it and use it. Best of luck with your finding.