June 21, 2010

World Cup and W(h)ining

I realize that I've been missing in action for the last two weeks.  This is partly because there has been nothing exceptional to post about, because I was gone for about four days in between, and because I've been caught up in all the footy action!
Last weekend, I was in Kelowna for a work retreat, where a bunch of my provincial colleagues are soccer-freaks.  One guy has been waking up at 4:00 am to watch the games live, and he has not missed a game yet.  During lunch, he always disappeared to watch the game in the lounge.  I have also been watching the odd game, but only got up at 4:00 am once, to see (what I thought would be) Germany trounce Serbia.  Well, Serbia did a good job making sure that didn't happen.  There has been a lot of upsets in the tournament and a lot of whining (particularly by England's side) and I find it all very exhilarating.  I can also justify watching it as prep work for my courses next semester!  When I teach politics, I always try to make it more relevant to student's lives, by underlining that politics takes place everywhere, not just in Parliament.  Since we live in a soccer-loving town (lots of Germans, Italians and Portuguese here) talking about the World Cup and what goes on on and off the pitch seems to work well.
Since we were in Kelowna a lot of our retreat also had to do with wine.  One evening we visited the Summerhill winery and had a tour and dinner.  They had just about the best Riesling I've ever tasted, but unfortunately, since I was flying I couldn't take any home with me.
Here is a picture of Okanagan Lake from our resort, and a few pictures of the winery.  

The next afternoon we had free time, and I was lured into the resort spa by the advertisements of the 'Vinotherapy massage', which I somehow imagined meant that I could drink wine at the same time!  That actually wasn't the case; the masseuse poured red wine in the shea butter.  But, if I hadn't been under that impression, I probably never would have gone in the first place.  At 37 years of age, this was the first massage I've ever had and it was lovely!  She worked all the kinks out of my back and I came out very relaxed and rejuvenated.  Its good to still have new things to try and experience.  I don't think I'll be waiting another 37 years for my second one!
And probably due to the wine I've been drinking, I don't have any weight loss to report even though it is 'reducing myself Monday.'  My eating still has been really good, but I'm up 2 pounds anyway. I think I jinxed it with my last post about expecting a plateau.
I have bought some new clothing at the thrift stores recently, and will post about those next, after I get Hus to take some pictures.

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