June 06, 2010

Quiet Sunday

I am spending a quiet Sunday today; I dropped Hus off at the airport this morning.  He is gone on a work trip for a week, so I will be doing all the household things by myself!  I started by mowing the rather-long grass, which was appreciated by somebody who does a lot of lounging around on the lawn....
Then I appreciated the flowers which had blossomed....
 And I made a happy discovery.  I decided to leave one of my raised beds fallow for this year (I'm not sure that this is the appropriate term, but it makes it sound like I'm some sort of professional agriculturalist, rather than a lazy gardener).  There was something growing in it, and just when I was about to weed it, I identified it as cilantro!
 Yay!  I love cilantro!  I've never grown it in that bed but have grown it in pots nearby.  Maybe a seed from those pots landed there at the end of the summer last year?  In any case, I'm thrilled at the randomness of it.

Another thing I'm doing this weekend is progressing with the decluttering.  If you recall, ever since the kitchen got (mostly) finished, we've been going through all of our junk in various corners etc.  I have yet to post the before-and-after pictures, but we still need to get the back-splash tiles installed.  Anyway, this weekend I'm tackling the last four years of my Vegetarian Times subscription.....
 This is about half of them; I was able to put the other half in the recycling bin.  But these ones had recipes I've either made or would like to.  I've marked the pages, but have yet to cut them out.  And once cut out, I'm going to have to find some sort of notebook to store them in.

My only other goal for today is to finish Stalin's Children which has been on my bedside pile (literally and also on the left-hand column of this blog) for a few weeks.  I feel so fortunate to have prioritized reading for this Sunday!

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