March 11, 2010

sexy (and practical!) pants

Normally, I don't look for pants at the thrift shops.  I have largish hips and legs and it is frustrating enough to try to find pants at regular stores.  But today, I had a great find!  I was at the Salvation Army and while browsing the clothing I found a pair of heavy-duty Carhartts women's pants.  I had a look at them and thought "these will fit."  I didn't even try them on.  I just pulled out the $5 and bought them!

Now, I'm not saying that these are sexy pants on me!  Rather, I know about Carhartts because they look incredibly attractive on men, including Hus.  Hus has worked at all sorts of occupations, but I like it best when he works 'blue collar' jobs (for lack of a better word) as he is now, because he wears Carhartts!  Carhartts even look good on out-of-shape and not-so-attractive men.  Actually, I even like them on myself because the back pockets are humongous, so my ass looks smallish in comparison.

Normally, I don't need special work pants, but I've been envying Hus's Carhartts over the past few weekends doing renos.  So, I thought it fortuitous that I found a pair for myself!
Here I am modeling them against part of the wall that we have ripped down, and I've included a hammer for atmosphere.  Now that I see this picture, I have to make a confession.  Middle sister, I borrowed those bright-yellow socks (that mom gave you) last summer and never returned them!  Sorry!

I feel that I should also include a disclaimer.  I have not been paid by Carhartts for this post.  But if Carhartts sees this, we would welcome any freebies for the endorsement!

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acorn hollow said...

my husband is a carhart wearer. I do not believe I have seen the womens. But good find they can be a bit expensive. Did the hammer come with them? lol