February 09, 2010

Vintage Cardigans

Now that I've started this blog, I've jumped feet first into what the internet has to offer.  So, I've also made my first online purchase at Etsy.  I am awaiting a 1950s off-white wool cardigan to be sent to me!

In anticipation, I thought I'd give you a fashion show of the other vintage cardi's I've acquired over the past few months.

First, my favourite...and it was free.  A friend purchased this lovely lemon-yellow angora cardigan at a thrift store for a halloween costume, and then didn't need it anymore.  Thanks Moe!  It always get compliments.  It is paired with a stick pin I bought at Value Village for $1.99.

Next up, is a neat cardigan made of Orlon, with a mesh over-weave.  I bought this one at a $5 bag sale from a store that was getting rid of its vintage section.  The other two pieces that I threw into the bag didn't end up fitting, so I guess you can say that this one cost $5.  Since it is gold, I have only worn it once to a Christmas party.

I only purchased the last one a few weeks ago at Value Village for $7.99.  So I haven't worn it yet.  It is a bright blue merino wool cardigan.  I've washed it two times and it still faintly smells of an elderly woman's perfume.  At first, I was a little freaked out about this, but now I rationalize this by thinking that the sweater must have really meant something to someone since it is holding on to their scent.  It is paired with a 'made in Italy' scarf I bought this summer for .50 cents at a Salvation Army.

 All these sweaters have fantastic buttons and reinforced button-holes.  The only problem is that they are all a tad short, but I'll compensate by layering.  Hopefully, my Etsy one is as nice.


Carpe Diem said...

Wow, you are stepping out on a limb... online shopping!!?!

I love the blue cardigan. It is funny how you seem to post about the exact things I'm thinking about. Honestly! This morning I was thinking that I should invest in a couple of cardigans.

grunge-queen said...

LOVE the gold mesh one - so beautiful! And the blue is a fab colour. Great finds.